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Rehabilitation involves a commitment to regaining the health and functionality of your body. All of our staff are dedicated to helping you receive the best care possible to ensure your recovery.

How are we Different?

  • Unlike most Physical Therapy practices, we DO NOT employ PT aides or assistants. That means that you work exclusively with the same therapist at all times.
  • After your first session, a plan of care is submitted to your physician to communicate our findings and recommendations.
  • When creating a plan for your recovery, we take into account your lifestyle, physical goals and the ergonomics in your home, work or other places you frequent. 
  • We are inclusive of any other specialists involved in your recovery.
  • We offer private treatment rooms and the use of our facility outside of treatment times.


Our Approach in Detail

tobais-arrow_03.pngOne-on-One Exclusive Care with Your Physical Therapist

We believe that not only is expert instruction and care important, but the relationship you form with your physical therapist is also an integral part of your recovery. With such a well-rounded and diverse team of therapists, we are able to match you with one who suits your particular needs. Since we do not employ PT aides or PT assistants, you will work exclusively with that same physical therapist until your course of care is completed.

tobais-arrow_03.pngYour Initial Evaluation--Differential Diagnosis

Your first session is a thorough evaluation where an assessment of your condition is made. After this visit a thorough plan of care is written and submitted to your physician, initiating a “team approach” to your care. At Tobias Physical Therapy we believe it is critical to fully establish the diagnosis before treatment is begun. If necessary, we will contact your physician or other care providers to discuss particular aspects of your care. We encourage you to assist us in obtaining all relevant records, including radiology and surgical reports, and evaluations from other specialists.

tobais-arrow_03.pngAligning Our Goals with Yours

Everyone is unique, with individual goals, desires, and expectations for his or her well-being. In addition to your initial assessment, other factors are considered, such as sports involvement, job requirements, family responsibilities and recreation. This approach ensures that we create a treatment plan that takes your lifestyle and expectations fully into account, aligns our goals with yours, and thereby ensures a successful recovery.

tobais-arrow_03.pngWe Assess Movement Patterns and Ergonomics in Your Environment

Not only do we help you know when to move and when to rest, when to strengthen and when to stretch, we also help you establish healthy movement patterns and help you make decisions and changes in your home and work environments. We may ask for pictures of you at work, reading in your favorite chair, digging in your garden, or we may observe you sitting in your car or possibly visit your home in order to recommend adjustments that can have a huge impact on your daily life.

tobais-arrow_03.pngWorking with Other Specialists

An essential part of the rehabilitation process is knowing when you need to involve other specialists. If indicated, we make appropriate referrals, whether it be for a consult for a joint replacement, a therapeutic massage, or a personal trainer at your own gym. Our network has developed over the course of many years and includes physicians (internal medicine and specialists), chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, Pilates instructors and personal trainers. Your personal trainer is welcome to join you during your session to address any areas of concern. We can also recommend you to other physical therapy clinics when you might need treatment closer to your home or work, or when insurance restrictions are a factor.

tobais-arrow_03.pngPrivate Rooms and Use of Our Facility

Privacy is valued at Tobias Physical Therapy, and while we have a common gym area, we have six private treatment rooms that allow for a more personal experience and provide a place where you can relax and focus. Our main gym area is available for your use outside of your scheduled treatment sessions. Some patients want to put in more time, or continue to work out after their scheduled visit is completed. You are free to use the facility with the comfort of knowing that someone is nearby to answer questions or assist with equipment.


Registration Forms


Please fill out the following forms and bring to your first appointment. Thank you!


Benefits of Therapy

Often, physical therapy treatment can provide an alternative to painful and expensive surgery.

Info & Tips

Visit this website to find out more about your condition, health tips, and physical therapy in general.

What to Wear

We recommend the following clothing when being treated:


Cloth Gown willl be provided

Shoulder or Arm
Tank top or camisole

Loose fitting bottoms

Ankle /Foot
Bring shoes with inserts you use


Don't worry if you forget something, we always have clothing to lend you!