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Our Philosophy

We believe that optimal health is not merely a state to be regained once you sustain an injury or illness, but rather one that you can strive to achieve or maintain at any point in life. With this in mind, participation in our Wellness Program offers you the support you need to actively pursue optimal health at any stage of life. At Tobias Physical Therapy we serve as your advocate as you continue to challenge yourself physically over the course of your life.

Program Approach

While we are pleased that attention is being turned toward wellness programs on a national level, we remain concerned that musculoskeletal wellness is often overlooked. Everyone at Tobias Physical Therapy shares Robin’s commitment to prioritizing prevention of injury through education, conditioning, and attention to balance in lifestyle choices. We are dedicated to helping you establish and meet goals that address your own interests and needs.


How it Works

tobais-arrow_03.pngScreening and Exam

You will receive an initial “head-to-toe” screening that complements your annual exam performed by your physician. The screening takes 1 to 1½ hours, during which time a thorough history is taken and a complete musculoskeletal exam is carried out. All relevant documents—radiology reports, surgical reports, previously prescribed exercise programs, etc.—will be reviewed as part of the initial evaluation.

tobais-arrow_03.pngIntegrated Program Design

A program is then designed integrating your current status with your short and long term goals. The plan may include continued visits with the physical therapist, integration of other health and wellness providers (including personal trainers), and scheduled re-checks at mutually agreed-upon intervals. You will leave with an understanding of your starting place and a clear course of action. If there are other professionals involved in your fitness program they will be included as part of your “team” and your PT will share information or consult with them as needed.

tobais-arrow_03.pngWhat if I Need PT Services?

Should we mutually determine that you would benefit from physical therapy services, a request for such will be made of your physician. Arrangements will be the same as with any other person seeking rehabilitative services. Your medical insurance may cover rehabilitative services, and we are happy to help determine your benefits. Treatment at Tobias Physical Therapy may be an option, or we may refer you to other highly reputable PT clinics more convenient for you.


Note: Wellness services are not eligible for insurance reimbursement unless your employer offers flex spending or other similar plans. Please contact us for information regarding fees for our Wellness Program.


Registration Form


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Wellness Resources

Info & Tips

Visit this website to find out more about your condition, health tips, and physical therapy in general.